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55   2 Piece Box of Truffles
darkdragee225   Almond Dragees in Dark Chocolate - 225g
darkdragee300   Almond Dragees in Dark Chocolate - 300g
ChocPlatterGen   Artisanal Chocolate Platter
Mooncakebox   Box of 4 Mooncakes
CNY16ABUNDANCE   Chinese New Year Abundance Hamper
CNY4oranges   Chinese New Year Box of 4 Orange Truffles
CNYKoi-Fish   Chinese New Year Chocolate Koi Fish
CNYLargeGiftbox   Chinese New Year Collection 16 Piece Box
CNYMediumGiftbox   Chinese New Year Collection 9 Piece Box
CNY16goodluck   Chinese New Year Good Luck Hamper
CNY16happy   Chinese New Year Happiness Hamper
9nov2015   Chocolate Christmas Tree
ChocHouse   Chocolate House
ChocLolli   Chocolate Lollipop
ChocsandTruffs11   Chocolates and Truffles - Level 1
ChocsandTruffs-Level-2   Chocolates and Truffles - Level 2
CHRIS-MEDBOX   Christmas Bonbons / Truffles - 9 pieces
CHRIS-LARGEBOX   Christmas Gift Box - 16 Pieces
CNY16HAPPINESS   CNY Prosperity Box
DadChocBar   DAD Chocolate Bar
DarkBar100   Dark Chocolate Bar with Pistachios, Almonds, Raisins and Cranberries
Deepavali-16pc   Deepavali Box of 16 Chocolates
Deepavali-4pc   Deepavali Box of 4 Chocolate Bonbons / Truffles
2021DiwaliFruitNut   Deepavali Fruit & Nut Gift Box
Deepavali-9pc   Deepavali Gift Box of 9 Chocolate Bonbons / Truffles
FathersDayBar   Fathers' Day Chocolate Bar
FathersDayBar100g   Fathers' Day Chocolate Bar with Message
fathersday16   Fathers' Day Gift Box - 16 Pieces
fathersday9   Fathers' Day Gift Box - 9 Pieces
sing-coll16   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 16 Piece Box
sing-coll4   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 4 Piece Box
sing-coll9   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 9 Piece Box
16   Fruit & Nuts Gift Box
GiftCert3Hours   Gift an Experience
50chocolates   Gift Box of 50 Bonbons / Truffles
BoxSquares   Gift Box: 15 Belgian Chocolate Squares
3   Gift Box: 4 handmade bonbons / truffles
hamperlg   Large Chocolate Hamper
xmas   Large Santa
Deepavali-50pc   Luxury Deepavali Gift
1   Luxury Gift Box: 16 handmade bonbons and truffles - Classic Collection
2   Luxury Gift Box: 9 handmade bonbons and truffles
MilkBar100   Milk Chocolate Bar with Cashew Nuts, Sesame, Chilli Flakes & Sea Salt
MothersDayBar   Mother's Day Chocolate Bar
MothersDayHamper   Mother's Day Gift Hamper
mothersday16pc   Mother's Day Gift, 16 Piece Box
PremiumBoxMothersDay   Mother's Day Premium Gift Box
MothersDayWkshp2021   Mothers' Day Chocolate Workshop
10squaresAssorted   Pack of 10 Chocolate Tasting Squares: Assorted
10squaresDark   Pack of 10 Chocolate Tasting Squares: Dark Chocolate (70% Cocoa Solids)
4   Pack of 10 Chocolate Tasting Squares: Milk Chocolate
10squaresSemisweet   Pack of 10 Chocolate Tasting Squares: Semisweet Chocolate (55% Cocoa Solids)
10squaresWhite   Pack of 10 Chocolate Tasting Squares: White Chocolate
Card   Personalise with a card
PremiumDeepavaliBox   Premium Deepavali Gift Box
PremiumBoxGen   Premium Gift Box
santadriving   Santa Coming to Town
SemisweetBar100   Semisweet Chocolate Bar with Figs, Walnuts, Raisins & Cranberries
chocbar7   Single Origin Bar - Ecuador 71%
14   Toasted Almond Rochers
Valentine50   Ultimate Valentine's Gift
ValentineGift4   Valentine Hearts Collection - 4 Pieces
ValentineGift16   Valentine Hearts Collection - Gift Box of 16 Chocolates
ValentineGift9   Valentine Hearts Collection - Gift Box of 9 Chocolates
ValentineGiftPremiumBox   Valentine Premium Gift Box
ValentineLollipops   Valentine's Heart Lollipops
WhiteBar100   White Chocolate Bar with Pistachio, Orange and Almonds
chocbar1   White Chocolate with Cranberries and Pink Peppercorns Bar

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