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ValentineChocPlatter   "I love U to the moon & back" Valentine Hearts Platter
1   16 Piece Box
55   2 Piece Box of Truffles
3   4 Piece Box
54   4 Piece Wedding Favour
2   9 Piece Box
darkdragee225   Almond Dragees in Dark Chocolate - 225g
darkdragee300   Almond Dragees in Dark Chocolate - 300g
Whitedragee225   Almond Dragees in White Chocolate - 225g
Whitedragee300   Almond Dragees in White Chocolate - 300g
Hamper   Artisanal Chocolate Hamper
ChocPlatterGen   Artisanal Chocolate Platter
9nov20152   Assorted Christmas Baubles
BoxSquares   Belgian Chocolate Squares
56   Bridal Showers
CNY16LUCK   Chinese New Year - Good Luck Hamper
CNY16ABUNDANCE   Chinese New Year Abundance Hamper
CNYLargeGiftbox   Chinese New Year Collection 16 Piece Box
CNYMediumGiftbox   Chinese New Year Collection 9 Piece Box
9nov2015   Chocolate Christmas Tree
EasterEggsLarge   Chocolate Easter Egg - Large
EasterEggSmall   Chocolate Easter Egg - Small
ChocHouseWhite   Chocolate Gingerbread House - White Chocolate
ChocHouse   Chocolate House
20   Chocolate Lollipops
ChocPlatter   Chocolate Platter
4   Chocolate Squares - Pack of 10
ChocsandTruffs1-1   Chocolates and Truffles - Level 1
ChocsandTruffs11   Chocolates and Truffles - Level 1
ChocsandTruffs-Level-2   Chocolates and Truffles - Level 2
CHRIS-MEDBOX   Christmas Bonbons / Truffles - 9 pieces
ChocPlatterChristmas   Christmas Chocolate Platter
CHRIS-LARGEBOX   Christmas Gift Box - 16 Pieces
xmashmp   Christmas Hamper
nov92015   Christmas Lollipops
9nov20153   Customised Gift Hampers
WineChoc   Date Night with Wine and Chocolate
D20159   Deepavali Gift Box (9 Piece)
Deepavali-16pc   Deepavali Gift Box Corporate
Deepavali-9pc   Deepavali Gift Medium Size Box
DPhamper   Deepavali Hamper Large
DPhamperS   Deepavali Hamper Small
largeeasterbunnynew   Easter Bunny - Large
EasterBunnyMedium   Easter Bunny - Medium
EasterChickenMilk-   Easter Chicken Milk
EasterEggsMedDark   Easter Egg Dark Chocolate - Medium
EasterEggsMedMilk   Easter Egg Milk Chocolate - Medium
EasterEggsMedWhite   Easter Egg White Chocolate - Medium
fatherday16   Fathers' Day Gift Box - 16 Pieces
fatherday9   Fathers' Day Gift Box - 9 Pieces
sing-coll16   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 16 Piece Box
sing-coll4   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 4 Piece Box
sing-coll9   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 9 Piece Box
16   Fruit & Nuts Gift Box
GiftCert3Hours   Gift an Experience
heartofhearts   Heart of hearts - Valentine's Day Gift
largeeasterbunnydark   Large Easter Bunny - Dark
xmas   Large Santa
2WeekArtisanChoc   Master The Art of Artisan Chocolate Making
MiniEasterEggs   Mini Easter Eggs - Assorted (300g)
motherday16   Mothers' Day Gift Box - 16 Pieces
motherday9   Mothers' Day Gift Box - 9 Pieces
Card   Personalise with a card
Deepavali-Platter   Premium Deepavali Gift
santadriving   Santa Coming to Town
chocbar7   Single Origin Bar - Ecuador 71%
14   Toasted Almond Rochers
ValentineGift16   Valentine Hearts Collection - 16 pieces
ValentineGift4   Valentine Hearts Collection - 4 Pieces
ValentineGift9   Valentine Hearts Collection - 9 pieces
ValentineLollipops   Valentine's Heart Lollipops
chocbar1   White Chocolate with Cranberries and Pink Peppercorns Bar

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