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FEBRUARY 3, 2015 I Celine Manoukian
Anjalichocolat: Premium artisan chocolatier in Singapore
If you're a true lover of chocolate for its complex makeup of flavour, then Anjalichocolat is where you need to go for a sweet fix.

Anjalichocolat is one of the few artisan chocolatiers in Singapore and by chocolatiers, we're talking about their expertise, use of premium ingredients, flavours, balance and texture. Essentially, being a chocolatier is a lifelong process as it's a true work of confectionary art and if you're wondering, they require much more work than pastries. Temperature is key and here, in Singapore, the hot and humid weather makes it even more difficult to indulge in chocolate making.

Chocolate relies on patience, technique and dedication and dedication is exactly what Anjali, the owner of Anjalichocolat and ex-banker, is all about. For as long as she can remember she loved to cook and even gave classes to anyone eager to learn. Then, spurred on by the desire to learn French pastries, she eventually changed her career path and started taking courses to master pastries. But that was not enough to quench Anjali's thirst for culinary knowledge, so she decided to embark on chocolate making.

The self-taught chocolate maker travelled the world to learn as much as possible, knocked on all doors and trained for hours to pursue and achieve her ambition.

Finally, when Anjali landed in Singapore with her supportive husband, she was ready to launch her company and share her creations. Her wide chocolate collection features 15 kinds of bonbons and truffles that are handmade fresh every day. Anjalichocolat ranges from classic grand-cru chocolate ganache to more original flavours such as sesame and chilli. She specifically enjoys searching and combining nw flavours, using different techniques and ultimately having customers experience what chocolate should taste like.

Anjali's brand new chic Ialian window display is a real feast for the eyes - and tummies - As it's filled with delectable whire, dark and milk delicacies in varied shapes and colours. Don't be surprised to be offered samples at her shop in Pasar Bella as the staff will pass on chocolates to see your faces light up with glee upon first taste.

To package the precious bites, Anjali offers elegant complimentary boxes, so treat yourselves to a box of 4, 9 and 16 or gift it as a present for family, friends or colleagues - you can never go wrong with chocolates after all. And remember they pair beautifully with wines, sake and tea.

Once upon a time, Anjalichocolat proved that sweet dreams indeed do come true.

Anjalichocolat is expected to open her own shop and chocolate school mid-February in Loewen by Dempsey - so stay tuned!

Anjalichococolat, Pasar Bella, 200 Turf Club Road, Tel: 9853 9663