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1   16 Piece Box
55   2 Piece Box of Truffles
SolidEggsLarge   3 Solid Chocolate Easter Eggs (140g)
3   4 Piece Box
54   4 Piece Wedding Favour
chocbar4   70% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Bar
52   70% Dark Chocolate with Whole Toasted Almonds and Sea Salt
SolidEggsMed   8 Solid Chocolate Easter Eggs (140g)
2   9 Piece Box
darkdragee225   Almond Dragees in Dark Chocolate - 225g
darkdragee300   Almond Dragees in Dark Chocolate - 300g
Whitedragee225   Almond Dragees in White Chocolate - 225g
Whitedragee300   Almond Dragees in White Chocolate - 300g
apricotdark   Apricots Coated in Dark Chocolate
apricotwhite   Apricots Coated in White Chocolate
56   Bridal Showers
CNY16LUCK   Chinese New Year - Good Luck Hamper
CNY16ABUNDANCE   Chinese New Year Abundance Hamper
CNYLargeGiftbox   Chinese New Year Collection 16 Piece Box
CNYMediumGiftbox   Chinese New Year Collection 9 Piece Box
9nov2015   Chocolate Christmas Tree
TreeWhite   Chocolate Christmas Tree - White Chocolate
CHRIS-LARGEBOX   Chocolate Gift Box - Large
CHRIS-MEDBOX   Chocolate Gift Box - Medium
9nov20151   Chocolate Gingerbread House
ChocHouseWhite   Chocolate Gingerbread House - White Chocolate
20   Chocolate Lollipops
ChocPlatter   Chocolate Platter
ChocsandTruffs1   Chocolates and Truffles - Level 1
xmashmp   Christmas Hamper
nov92015   Christmas Lollipops
9nov20153   Customised Gift Hampers
7   Dark Chocolate Squares
13   Dark Chocolate Toasted Almond Rochers
D2015L   Deepavali Gift Box (16 Piece)
D20159   Deepavali Gift Box (9 Piece)
DPhamper   Deepavali Hamper Large
DPhamperS   Deepavali Hamper Small
xmas2   Driving Santa
EasterChickenDark   Easter Chicken Dark
EasterEggDecoLarge   Easter Egg Decorating - Large Egg (Height 19cm)
EasterEggDecoMedium   Easter Egg Decorating - Medium Egg (Height 12.5cm)
FamilyWorkshop1   Fathers' Day Family Chocolate Workshop
fatherday16   Fathers' Day Gift Box - 16 Pieces
fatherday9   Fathers' Day Gift Box - 9 Pieces
Filledeastereggs   Filled Easter Eggs (Box of 5)
sing-coll16   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 16 Piece Box
sing-coll4   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 4 Piece Box
sing-coll9   FROM SINGAPORE lah, 9 Piece Box
GiftCert2Hours   Gift Certificate for Chocolate Workshop
xmas   Large Santa
2WeekArtisanChoc   Master The Art of Artisan Chocolate Making
10   Milk Chocolate Bar
5   Milk Chocolate Squares
14   Milk Chocolate Toasted Almond Rochers
MiniEasterEggs   Mini Easter Eggs (12 Pieces)
motherday16   Mothers' Day Gift Box - 16 Pieces
motherday9   Mothers' Day Gift Box - 9 Pieces
Card   Personalise with a card
6   Semi-Sweet Chocolate Squares
chocbar5   Single Origin Bar - Costa Rica 38%
chocbar6   Single Origin Bar - Costa Rica 64.5%
chocbar7   Single Origin Bar - Ecuador 71%
chocbar8   Single Origin Bar - Uganda 80%
BunniesInBox   Small Bunnies in a box (5 Pieces)
ValentineGift16   Valentine Hearts Collection - 16 pieces
ValentineGift4   Valentine Hearts Collection - 4 Pieces
ValentineGift9   Valentine Hearts Collection - 9 pieces
Feb112018   Valentine Themed Chocolate Workshop
ValentineSquares   Valentine's Gift Belgian Chocolate Squares
valentinehamper   Valentine's Hamper
ValentineLollipops   Valentine's Heart Lollipops
ValentineChocPlatter   Valentine's Hearts Platter
4   White Chocolate Squares
15   White Chocolate Toasted Almond Rochers
chocbar1   White Chocolate with Cranberries and Pink Peppercorns Bar

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