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Valentine Hearts Collection - 16 pieces Chinese New Year Collection 16 Piece Box
Price: S$60.00
Price: S$60.00
Valentine's Day Hearts Collection A box of 16 handmade bonbons and truffles in flavours inspired by the traditional foods consumed during Chinese New Year.
16 different ways to say I heart you! Includes Hearts of Passion, Strawberry Hearts, Raspberry Hearts and Dark Chocolate Hearts. Premium chocolate gifts to celebrate the lunar new year. Limited edition collection, comprising of the following flavours - Chinese 5-Spice, Walnut, Orange, Sesame, Mango Pudding, Jasmine, Pineapple and Lemongrass Coconut
Easter Egg White Chocolate - Medium Valentine's Hearts Platter
Price: S$35.00
Price: S$186.00
Chocolate Easter Egg - Height 10cm I Love You - Valentine's Hearts Platter
Hand-made and decorated Easter Egg, with 3 filled eggs inside - Salted Caramel, Noir and Vanilla Milk Chocolate. Height 19cm. I love you to the moon and back chocolate gift for Valentine's Day. Hearts, hearts and more hearts - bonbons, truffles, lollipops, squares........and more!
Easter Egg Dark Chocolate - Medium Artisanal Chocolate Platter
Price: S$35.00
Price: S$185.00
Chocolate Easter Egg - Height 14cm Artisanal Chocolate Platter
Hand-made and decorated Easter Egg, with 3 filled eggs inside. Height 14cm.