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Premium Deepavali Gift Deepavali Gift Box Corporate
Price: S$185.00
Price: S$60.00
PREMIUM DEEPAVALI CHOCOLATE PLATTER Deepavali Gift Box Corporate - Collection of 16 delectable chocolates inspired by the flavours of Deepavali
Premium Deepavali Gift containing an assortment of artisanal chocolate products - handmade bonbons and truffles, chocolate tasting squares, almond dragees, chocolate coated dried fruit, chocolate bars and chocolate lollipops. Deepavali Gift Box Corporate - a delectable array of 16 Deepavali inspired chocolates.
ARTISANAL CHOCOLATE PLATTER Chocolates and Truffles - Level 1
Price: S$185.00
Price: S$175.00
Artisanal Chocolate Platter Chocolate Workshop
Chocolates and Truffles - Level 1
Let the gift do the talking with this large artisanal chocolate platter! Sunday, October 8, 2017
10.30am - 1.00pm

Orange Liqueur Truffles
Classic Dark Chocolate Truffles

You will take home approximately 25 to 30 chocolate truffles. The pair of dark, chocolate truffles, and boozy, Orange Liqueur truffles are sure to win over friends and family!

Deepavali Gift Medium Size Box FROM SINGAPORE lah, 16 Piece Box
Price: S$35.00
Price: S$60.00
Deepavali Gift Box Medium Fine chocolates with the bold flavours and ingredients of Singapore. An edible souvenir from Singapore, with a universal appeal
A delectable array of 9 Deepavali inspired chocolates.
Fine chocolates with the bold flavours and ingredients of Singapore.